can i get free text from Usa to Canada and vice versa?


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-get a US Pass add-on on your Telus phone?
-get a Roam Mobility SIM card on your unlocked Telus phone?
-use BBM!
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If you are sending the messages FROM Canada, then you can get Unlimited Messaging from Canada to US it is $5 / month on top of any Canadian messaging plan you would have. If you don't get the Unlimited Can to US Messaging option, then each message to the US will cost $0.40 to send.


If you are sending the messages FROM USA, then you can purchase either the US Text Travel Pass 15 for $15 for 30 days, with which you can get 100 text messages to send, or pick one of our US Combo Travel Passes (25, 46 or 65) that also include US voice, data & messaging while roaming in USA.


Hope that helps!