Why is my SIM card showing unregistered and no service


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Good Day Rachel,


One troubleshooting step you can take is take out the battery and the SIM Card.  You can then re-instal the SIM and the Battery.  Turn on the unit and see if that helps.


The only way we can verify for sure is if you provide the SIM and phone number.  You can also chose to call in for further assistance.

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hi, Rachel1

what's your phone Brand and model?

Check whether your sim is placed properly in the slot. Try to reinsert the Sim. Still if you face the same problem then your phone might be locked to particular Network. To solve this problem you need to get it unlocked. You can unlock your phone using unlock code. You can get the unlock code for your phone from your Network service provider or any third party online vendors like SuperUnlockCodes.com  here you need to specify your country, current Network name, IMEI number of your phone. Then they deliver unlock code to you through mail with unlocking instructions. Using this you can unlock your phone from Network lock easily.