Where can I see my data usage for the month in real time?


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I'd love to be able to view my phone's data usage in real time instead of waiting for my e-bill. Is there anyway of doing so for business customers?


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You can get an approximation on your phone. You can also go to your account and choose e.Care > Billing > view data usage > and choose a period to view. This should give you all the detail you wish.

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In addition to the two ways mentioned above you can also use the TELUS account app. The data usage info from the app isn't as detailed as the Web site however. 


All the aforementioned options are great in fact. Obviously, there is no such option to know your data usage instantly. If you are using any network adapter, you can login to your account and see the network usage alters in every instance.


Usually, you might get sms describing your usage and the balance when you stop the data usage on your phone. Again, there is no option for this purpose.


Thanks so much for sharing all your tips. This information has all been very helpful.