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Good Samaritan

I had a router plugged into my modem. It only allowed 4 computers to plug in. I am not a big fan of wireless and want to keep everything wired. I bought a 12 port switch on eBay. I figure 12 is better than 4. After connecting the switch, I cannot plug more than 2 computers in otherwise a TELUS page comes up. What am I doing wrong? Should I be contacting the seller on eBay? Please help!

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Hello Randy,


The reason you're not able to connect more than 2 devices is because you're only allowed 2 public IP addresses for your internet connection. The way the router works is it will get 1 public IP address and then each device connected to it will get a private IP address assigned by your router. The switch is just acting like a splitter, so every device you connect to it will be asking for a public IP address.


Connect your router to the modem, then plug your switch to the router, you can then connect your devices to the switch as intended. This should solve your problem.