Utility Box


Utility Box

I'm getting pissed off by the oo-inch noise coming from the utility box. After Telus upgrade their utility box, the noise has been louder than ever and the plants around the utility box has been dying. I have tried to contact Telus and nobody replies. WOW
Community Manager

Hi Eddie, when was the utility box installed? Is this for your residence? Please send me a private message with the details relating to the issue and I'll look into this for you. Thanks!

Moderator, a few of us would like to approach Telus so our community could wrap the boxes.  Who should I contact?  

VP, Community Association

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@wayno We'd love to receive more information. Can you please submit an idea regarding this? telus.com/ideas

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@wayno - There was a discussion about this recently. Might help.


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Thanks Nighthawk.  I will try and find someone locally.  Hope that someone at Telus responds as I sent an email to them as well.


I have the same issue with the noise from the utility box. I've called Telus about it and they sent a technician to check and said it's operating as normal. How was yours resolved if it did?

Also I'd like to know who to contact to have the box wrapped in nicer graphics. It looks like an eye sore in the neighbourhood.