This isn't fair!


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Good Samaritan

I am quite disappointed right now, both my husband and I have iPhones and he just showed me how to use the hotspot on it, but my phone doesn't have the option in the settings??? Its the exact same phone but his is with Bell.


Does anyone know how I can get it on mine?

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Hi FutureFriendly!


As an avid mobile phone user myself,  I understand that it is disappointing when something does not work like you want it to.

Although most iPhones look the same physically, there are a lot that changes internally (ie, iPhone 3G vs 3Gs & iPhone 4 vs iPhone 4S).


If you followed the same instructions your husband did on his iPhone and you still cannot find Hotspot on your TELUS iPhone, then please try the following. Go into Settings - General - Cellular (it could also say Network depending on which update you are on). You should see the Hotspot option there.


If you still do not see the option there, then it is probably due to the fact that that you either have an iPhone 3G or 3Gs.


In that case, it is not a limitation TELUS has imposed, but it is due to hardware limitations on the iPhone.


If you go on the following link, you would see that Apple states that iPhone 3G & 3GS are NOT eligible for Wi-Fi Hotspot:


I hope that helps you!

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FYI I did more digging for you for the issue you are having.


I want you to also be sure (if you have an iPhone 4 or later) that you are on iOS 5 or higher by going in Settings - General - About and ensure it says version 5.x.


If it is anything less than that then you will have to update it by connecting it to iTunes via the computer.




If your iPhone is an iPhone 4 or later, and has the 'personal hotspot' setting, but it's greyed out and unusable, turn on your cellular data function and it will come to life.