Telus still charging activation fee via dealers ??


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I am looking to upgrade phones on two business numbers. I phoned Tom Harris dealer located in Pecific mall Calgary and asked if they have 2 galaxy note 3s. They said yes, I asked if they can do HUP on business accounts, lady said yes. I live about 50 kms away from there, drove down there on sunday evening. When i got there, the chinese lady at the kiosk asked the chinese dude about the renewal, he said something negative ( tone )  in chinese. The lady changed her tone and said they will do the upgrade but they will charge $35 admin fee. I asked why? she said it is for setting up the phone and transfering the contacts, i said i dont even want you to open up the box, i just need the hardware upgrade done, i dont want you to set up the phone or transfer contacts.  Lady said they will still charge $35 per line. I dont like surprises , so i wasted my sunday evening drove back home.

So my question is , Telus is still charging activation and renewal fee? only thing that have changed is they advertized it on the site they dont do that anymore but instead tell the dealers to charge it ?



We don't charge an activation fee, when you are doing an activation or renewal of the services at the store they will set up your device, when they do so they swap your SIM card and your device, they set up your voice mail and email and they also give you a device tutorial, this is what costs $35 but since you are renewing the fee is waived. 

You can also call us by dialing *611  or 1-866-558-2273 and we can activate the device for you over the phone if you have any inconvenience at the store.

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When I called 310-3100, I was told I will have to go to a store for upgrade. I went to store in pecific mall Calgary , they said they won't give me the phone unless I pay $35 per line. As I mentioned in my first post , I do not want a tutorial , I do not want them to set up my phone or email but still Chinese lady and the gentleman there said I will have to pay $35 per line if I want phone from them.
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That's is not the solution. I know it is not called activation fee anymore.
Solution will have an answer to the question, "how can I do a hardware upgrade without paying $35 fee?"

I tried to buy a Nokia 1020 online and they were out of stock - sent me to a local store on Vancouver Island - I asked the lady on the Telus line very thoughly if I would be charge anything more than the cost of the phone she said no.  When I go to the store they tried charging me 35 bucks (for handing me a phone - no sim , no help - which I didn't want or need) and I just refused to pay it.   They took it off without much fuss.  I would just take your business elsewhere for your renewals.