Telus hiring out of country agents to inform their Canadian customers of upcoming improvements?


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Ok so at work today I get a phone call from a gentlemen to tell us that Telus will be updating our internet to a better service so we will have an outage on a certain day.  Due to his very heavy accent I asked where he was calling from - he was calling from India!  Can you please tell me why a Canadian company that has threats of other companies coming into canada to try to take away their business hire a company that isn't even located in Canada to assist them with their calling?  I stick with Telus because they are Canadian - not because they are the cheapest! - if they insist on hiring out of Country workers I may have to reconsider and start looking at the cheapest rather than the Canadian company as they don't seem to value Canadian!


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Telus started wholesale outsourcing back in 2005. They have a huge call center in the Philippines and a newer one in Guatemala. They don't call it outsourcing because Telus owns the majority share of those companies (see Telus International). Telus is also involved with Tech Mahindra in India though they aren't a call center if I understand their role correctly.


Even in Canada, Telus has farmed out the service technicians to ATI, Ledcor/LTI etc. I've found the farmed out service techs don't have a minimum amount or quality of training (based on personal experience with techs that came to my home). The salaried, Telus hired technicians are far superior in training and skill and speed.

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Hi Frogbellly and Nighthawk,

Thanks for the great questions. TELUS International provides call centre support for some of the world’s largest IT, telecommunications, consumer electronics, financial services and energy and utilities companies, which have contracted that work to TELUS International. Several of our largest clients have told us they need Spanish language agents, and the our centres in Nevada and Central America allow us to provide that.


If you call 411 or get in touch with your gas company in the US, there’s a good chance you’re speaking with a TELUS International agent.


To support TELUS International’s expansion we are hiring professionals in finance, administration, legal services, and marketing right here in Canada.


We pay good wages in all our operations overseas. In countries like the Philippines and Guatemala TELUS is helping create a middle class with good jobs while funding some great charities helping the poor in those nations. Just as in Canada, we are striving to be a great corporate citizen, and making a real different in developing nations. Here is a short video of the great work that is being done:


TELUS is growing. We will continue to expand our team in Canada as we win new business and develop growth areas of the business. We are adding jobs in Quebec to support our new contract with the province and consumer call centre positions in B.C. and Alberta to support wireless services and TTV.

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Thanks for sharing the video.  It reminds me of the efforts Rotary Clubs expend in those same communities.


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