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Good Samaritan

I have been using TELUS email for years. I moved to TELUS hosting some time back because of the larger inbox size and the ability to use a custom SMTP port that allowed me to move freely around the world on business and still use my outlook to send.  I was told by a TELUS agent to expect big changes to the TELUS.net platform. Please outline some of these changes.


Most Helpful

Hello Randy,


Yes, there have been some big changes recently. The ones of note are:


  1. Bigger inbox - you now have 5GB of space
  2. The ability to use a telus email on a non-telus connection
  3. 25 MB of attachments can now be added to an email
  4. There's a calender, contacts and task manager built directly into the webmail
  5. You can drag and drop attachments into your emails (in the webmail)
  6. Searching and sorting has been improved within the webmail
  7. Overall improvement in the speed and functionality of the webmail and email platform