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I have been a long time Business client and I love TELUS, but at times I feel my internet should be running faster than it is. Besides performing a speed test, what else should I be checking for? 

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One of the best ways to identify if slow speed issues with your connectivity at work is cause internally or on the ISP side is performing the following process of elimination:



  1. if you have multiple computers plugged to your internet connection in the office (ie 3-4 computers), turn off all PC and turn them all off
  2. turn on 1 pc and run a speed test with only that pc. leave that pc on for about a minute or so and run another speed test
  3. if the speed test is still slow, the issue might be on the ISP side
  4. if the speed test is on par with your service, then chances are, the slow speed is caused by 1 of the computers in your network using up all the bandwidth
  5. to identify this computer, simply turn on another pc and run the speed test again until the speed test starts to slow down 

We have been using Telus internet service for many years. Now it's time to move to Shaw because it happens so often that Telus' connection is so slow that we have to piggy-back on ShawOpen free Wi-Fi to go online! 

Sometimes the connection is so slow that we can't even go to to test the speed of the connection! Every time we contact Telus, we'd be told to do this or that. Nothing works even after they gave us a new router recently.

We are paying Telus for Internet service but I have to use ShawOpen free Wi-Fi to get here to post this comment. How ironic is that.

A disappointed Telus customer from 3195 Granville V6H 3K2  


Hi, we can always help you over the phone and diagnose the issue. Would you like us to call you?