Roaming nightmare !


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Last time I left Canada for a business trip I ended up with no service.  I couldn't receive or make calls nor use the internet out of my device.   This made the trip considerably stressful. 


I'm gonna have to leave for the US again soon for a couple of days and I'm somewhat apprehensive considering the experience I've had. 


What do you people think I should do/check to avoid a similar situation ? 

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Where are you going? I know the Grand Canyon has minimal coverage.

Did you have Roaming disabled on your phone?

Is the phone unlocked for foreign SIM's? Consider a Roam Mobility SIM at the airport or duty free shop. Works great in Hawaii and most states (no service in Alaska, Idaho and Wyoming).

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We know how INCREDIBLY frustrating that can be. We want to help! There are a number of things we need to verify, firstly; are you by any chance one of our loyal "Mike" (aka IDEN)  clients? 


If so, that would explain your troubles; Our network in Canada is still in operation until at least 2016 but our roaming partner in the USA (Sprint/Nextel) have completely turned down their IDEN network as of  July 1st 2013.


If that is the case, and you are going back to the USA regularly and need service down there I would suggest migrating your service to our newer HSPA/LTE devices. Unfortunately the hardware is not compatible, this will mean a new phone is in order. The silver lining to this cloud, however, is that it will also give you access to much, MUCH faster data transfer rates for web browsing, emails etc.


If you are using anything but a "Mike" or "IDEN" phone please call us 24/7/365 at 1(416)-940-5995 for live assistance.


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