Question about a EPP plan


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I am a new Telus customer having recently joined  on a EPP plan with the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) and when I first went into their store they said that for the EPP plan I could choose any phone on display and pay the ticket price then I would get signed up for the plan. So I decided to go with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The price was $100 for a 2 yr EPP contract but the phone had to be ordered. When I returned to the store 3 days later to sign the contract and pick up 2 new phones, I noticed that there was a special on that phone for $0. So I figured that I was getting a deal but they said that it didn't apply because the price of phones for EPP was different than the ones for the "public consumer" plan, so I went ahead with the purchases and signed up for a 2 yr EPP plan. I however still feel ripped off. I also noticed that in BC the EPP plan offers $0 for a new activation. Am I missing something or did the store make a mistake ?