Please help - ghosts in my closet!


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I don’t actually have ghosts in my closet or I hope I don’t. I have a static IP through TELUS. My office has eight computers. It seems like at least one computer cannot get on line at any given time. My modem is a speed touch. From previous experience I know to check the lights on my modem. The lights are always on. What do you think could be wrong? 

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Hi Randy,


It's hard to say what the problem is without some troubleshooting, but it seems like the TELUS connection is fine. If you were having internet issues, all the computers would be affected. I would lean more towards a internal network issue (router). It could be that your router IP range is set incorrectly, causing it to run out of IPs to give out to your computers and booting one off at any given time. 


Hello Randy,


Your problem could be the result of several factors. First and foremost did you set up your internal network firewalls correctly? Please check the administration computer. If your admin computer had been configured correctly but you can't access the affected computer in your network you will need to adjust your firewall program to grant permission to your computers to function in your network.


I hope this will help you start trouble shooting this problem. Thanks.