Not your best day


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Today was not your best day. I have been with TELUS since it took over Clearnet. I was with Clearnet since it opened.  I have a corporate account #06215411. I have 4 phones. One of them died (under warrantee). I took my phone to the Queen St. outlet on Sept. 27 2014 (Address: 2187 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4E 1E5 Phone: (416) 693-5363) to get my phone repaired. They botched the repair order and had the phone returned to their store unfixed after 2 ½ weeks. They then sent the thing out again. I phoned numerous times about the phone. Every time they gave me an excuse about Sony being slow. They gave me a tracking number that did not work. They would not give me a new tracking number and refused to give me any info on the phone or when I would get it back.  At the time we dropped off the phone they gave us a simple loaner phone to use in the interim. The user of the phone is attending college in Hamilton. When we finally got notified that our phone was fixed (today) they would NOT give me the phone until we returned the loaner. I offered to have the loaner sent to the outlet via FedEx. I was told they would NOT give me the new phone until they got back the loaner. (A Nokia basic) I wonder why if TELUS has my bank and Visa info why can’t TELUS allow the repaired  phone to go out without the loaner being returned? I called TELUS service and customer loyalty .both told me I had to return the loaner or no phone.


I have to thank TELUS for helping me understand that loyalty is a joke! Thank you. ! I have canceled my account with TELUS because you have made me “FELL LIKE A NOBODY!”  All you had to do is trust me with the loaner for a few days………………………..

 This is not the way to treat your clients if you wish to keep them.


 Brian Murphy

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Hello Brian, I just read your post and must say, I do apologize for what you went through.  I would like to also investigate your issue to see what happened, which, I will be doing this week.   Our goal is to give the best client service out there and really, to drive the customer experience.   If you would like to discuss the matter, I would be more than happy to.  Again, I am sorry for this, and I will review what happened.