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If I buy a Mexico Combo Pass 65, do I pay roaming charges over and above the time/mb included in the package (e.g., I pay $65 for the package, are there additional roaming charges on top of that?).

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To clarify... the pass includes.

So after 150 minutes, 150 text msgs, 150mb of data, or 30 days... the charges will come.  Don't forget about your local taxes.

  • Overage: $1.00/minute
  • $1.00/MB
  • $0.60/text                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Savings over pay-per-use rates: $1,000


My problem would be the 150mb of data.  That does not last long looking up maps and streaming video.


Thanks XL. I wanted to ensure there was no 'fine print' I missed, such as 'roaming charges apply over and above your pass limits'!! Seems you've answered that! Thanks so much!

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Some thoughts...

  • does GST/HST and other taxes count?
  • There was mention in another thread that some services in some countries has surcharges.  I have no experiences with Mexico.
  • to avoid surprises, I check my Telus Mobility account every 2nd day to avoid bill shock when I get home
  • data is my main weakness when travelling.  I'm tired of advertised free wifi that slow, congested, and unprotected to data eavesdropping.  Recommend you research VPN's if you plan to use public wifi in hotels and restaurants.
  • for heavy data use (especially if you plan to exceed 150mb easily), consider a SIM card swap to an unlocked phone (do you have a second phone?).  Otherwise look at prepaid options when you arrive in Mexico.

I'm OK with the GST/HST taxes...and expect to be charged that. Excellent question regarding in-country surcharges...Telus could do a bit better job highlighting any other underlying costs to avoid surprises (e.g., often it is the fine print that can sink you!). As for data...I'm bringing my laptop with me and I won't be viewing pics/vids on my mobile. It's really just for phone usage as I'll be staying in a remote area and communicating with friends about an hour away. Good advice to check my account regularly...will definitely do that!

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More thoughts....

  • there's too many countries that change policies too frequently to keep track of
  • not all roaming charges happen instantaenously... some countries release surcharge details days or weeks later, despite you checking daily.
  • your 150 SMS messages should be fine.... however once you exceed 150..... there are international surcharges like $5 each.
  • SMS messages may be cheaper than voice minutes to keep in touch with each other
  • consider BBM (Blackberry Messenger) instead of SMS.  BBM does not consume your SMS allotment, does not have international surcharges.
  • did you hear about the Telus Roaming tracker?
  • you might want to consider SurfEasy as a VPN for your laptop.  Great for wifi, but disable it when on cellular data as the encryption will increase consumption.  BTW... your first 500mb is FREE.
  • instead of having everyone on Canada roaming packages..... why not get a prepaid phone SIM in Mexico for one of you?  This allows you to explore different rates and may be cheaper to use that phone for exclusive outgoing calls.  I recommend contacting your Mexico hotel for coverage advice on who may be the best carrier.
    I carry a second phone when travelling.  One has my Telus SIM with the cheapest roaming package and the second phone (old blackberry) is unlocked for a foreign SIM for my heavy data usage (Google Maps, and when I want to research/plan my itinery for later in the day on the bus).

If you find surcharges when you get back.  Free free to share them in this forum to better educate others.