Last chance for Telus to come through on agreement


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In May I signed up for the telus home/internet package including a free 50" Samsung smart tv that was to be delivered 2-4 weeks from sign up date. Since then it has been 4 months of me calling and receiving statements from various customer service representatives as to why it hasn't been sent. I have been more than patient every time and more than willing to listen to the long-winded excuses such as "out of stock and software errors" and how many teams are being dedicated to my account all over sending a promotional gift. I have heard 4 times that someone will be following my account and updating me with information from 4 different representatives yet I haven't received anything. I'm currently sitting on hold once again for 30 min now for what must be my 10th inquiry. If this issue is not resolved I will be seeking aid from outside sources as this has become more than just an issue about a promotional gift but the integrity of a shady company and its employees that more or less seem to be trained to feed false information. Update: call went through and the latest service rep has informed me that I do not qualify to receive a promotional gift.
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