IPv6 not working (Vancouver, Business PureFibre) - debugging with tcpdump etc


Are there other Business PureFibre customers in Vancouver with working IPv6 as of October? It's not working here.

I posted much more detail over in the Home group, because that's where all existing IPv6 discussion has been.

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For anybody wondering the answer:


At the moment, you have a mutually exclusive choice, due to limitations in provisioning.

  1. Native IPv6 Connectivity
  2. Static IP & No inbound port blocking.

Can you confirm this is still the case? I am wanting to host a web server on port 80 and 443 with ipv4 and ipv6.


I chose Telus because they have ipv6 support and the other competition in Vancouver does not.


Just in case anyone else is looking here.


As of Dec 2018 using Telus Business Internet (fibre) without the static IP package the following ports are open.

IPv6 port 80
IPv6 port 443

IPv4 port 443


Unfortunately the most important one for most business users is still blocked:

IPv4 port 80

Most of the support people are utterly clued out about IPv6 and ask questions like "Why do you need IPv6?" but I have heard from an actually useful one that adding the "static IP package" opens up IPv4 port 80 but completely removes all IPv6 connectivity. Very sad Smiley Sad