How much notice and money to end monthly plan and port number to Rogers?


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With a monthly account, how much notice do I have to give Telus before switching to another provider? If I don't give that notice, will I have to pay a fee? How much? And when can I port my number over freely?



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Hello dobes,


You are free to switch to another provider at any time by bringing your number to that company, however fees may apply depending on if and how long you have a commitment with TELUS for. 


Please note that a $50 + outstanding Device Balance is charged when you cancel your TELUS services in the middle of your service term. You will also need to pay off your outstanding Device Balance. To get a better understanding, it is best to let us know by calling *611 or 1-866-558-2273 to provide you with the exact amount of what it would cost.


The fee of $50 is not charged in Quebec, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, or Manitoba, because of the consumer protection legislations in those provinces.


We are sorry to hear that you want to leave TELUS, before making the jump, please make sure to call us so we could see what we could do regarding the reason why you would want to leave us because nobody likes a breakup Smiley Sad


We are looking forward to your call!