How do I block a call


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How can I block an incoming call


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I would love to help you with this but I'm just going to need a little bit more information. Are you wanting to block a number from your mobile phone or landline? It sounds like a silly question, but it's a different process for each.


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How do I block a caller?

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As SarahC responded to jrhogan590, the procedures differ for mobility and landline services, on the mobility side, we are unable to block calls from a specific caller from the network side, it is however possible to block calls from specific phone numbers in most devices;


To adequately answer your question, assuming it pertains to your mobile phone, I would have to know which model you use in order to point you to the correct settings menu.


for example, in Samsung phones you would be looking for a "reject list"  in which you can add numbers you wish to block. On an iPhone, you would go to "settings/ Phone / blocked" and select "Add New..." then input the number you need to block.



Hope this helps!