Doesn't TELUS have business specifics roaming rate plans?


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Doest TELUS have business specifics roaming rate plans?

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Hello ShadiS,


As KittyGumDropz has mentioned in her post, those are the current available Business-specific roaming packages with the addition of the following US Roaming Packages:


However, if you frequently travel to USA, then the best solution would be to change your existing Rate Plan to either the Small Business SharePlan 100 or 120 that include US Roaming. You will find more details and information regarding those plans here:


Please note that if you are planning to changing your rate plan and are on a contract then there will be a one-time fee of $35 per subscriber if you do it by calling 611 or going in-store. If you do it yourself online, that fee is reduced to $25.


If you are not on a contract then you are able to change your rate plan for free once a year.


Hope all that helps! Smiley Happy