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Our company's contract for our mobiles are about to end.  We are really excited to get our 9 iphone 3gs upgraded, we will probably go with the new Iphone 5s which just came out.  The data stored in our phone, especially pics and contacts are extremely important and I am wondering how difficult it is going to be to transfer the data over to the new phone and how it can be done.   Excuse my tech illiterateness !

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Hello CritterHunter!


Changing phones can be a really scary thing especially since we rely on them so much! Going from iPhone 3GS to iPhone 5s is actually not that difficult thanks to iTunes and/or iCloud doing most of the job for us.


1) You have the option to do the transfer via iTunes on your computer:


2) You also have the option to transfer all your data via iCloud over Wi-Fi:


Keep in mind that I sent you the iPhone 5 tutorial but it is all the same across the board for iOS devices.


I am also super excited for the iPhone 5s & 5c release on Friday, August 20th, 2013. I might just line-up this year to get it on launch day just to experience it! Smiley Tongue