Custom Pay as You Go Top Up Amounts


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I wish you would be able to put in a custom amount. All of your amounts that we have to pick from do not equal or come close to the amounts in the add ons or top up choices. I have to do to two transactions every month.  I wish you could pick your account type from the add ons and click pay from credit card and that is the amount you can pay, not have to do 2 transactions to top up account and then find your add on that you want.


Is this something you will eventually change.. this has been an issue for as long as i can remember.


When you change the rates you need to change the option type top ups, as there is nothing that equals the top up amounts.

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@Buzygal79 As stated by @NFtoBC in your previous thread. Please post this in the "ideas" section. Each suggestion made there is viewed by Telus for consideration.

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