2-Year Contract Rate Plans


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Hi there,


I would like clarification on the new plans offered seeing as though TELUS has recently changed to the 2 year model. Specifically, I would like to know what category the iPhone 5s & iPhone 5c would be included in seeing as though there are now 3 categories of plans offered.


Thanks in advance!

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Hi there AskBedo


The iPhones are all included in the Smartphone category Robot Happy


All smartphone plans include:

  • Nationwide Talk
  • Unlimited Nationwide Text
  • Shareable Data
  • 2 year terms

PLUS, Unlimited Nationwide Talk and US roaming available on select plans.


Included airtime will depend on which plan you chose.


For more information on which phones belong to which group, you can check out the link below and click on the + sign under the device type for a list of applicable devices.





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What does unlimited nationwide talk mean, that that you can talk with a fee?


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I meant to say nationwide talk, not unlimited.

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Nationwide talk means there are no long distance charges billed to your account for calls to Canadian phone numbers, no matter where you travel in Canada. 

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