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Community Manager
Community Manager

We’ve made some recent updates to the Neighbourhood that we’re excited to share with all of you.


The goal of these changes are to improve functionality, and ease of use and reading, for every member the Neighbourhood.


Key changes:


  • Green banner on a forum thread post marked most helpful for clarity
  • Inline ability to revoke a Like, by just clicking the button again!
  • Links to category pages from the landing page Forum card
  • Improved spacing in bylines
  • Improved formatting of notifications page
  • Many other tweaks and fine tunings


We are continually reviewing and improving the Neighbourhood to provide the most intuitive experience. If you have any ideas on how we can improve the usability, please share your feedback in the comment below.  


Enjoy the new updates, and thank you for everyone for helping to keep our online community great!

1 Comment

I have a question...recently I attempted to sign up for telus. When I did I was told I had an amount owing - no problem. If I owe I owe.


However, recently I also was helping my sister getting some answer on her account, and somehow/someway I discover a second account for her that was approx 13 years old, that had a credit still outstanding.


My question's are: if ur system can show that I owe money, why wouldn't it showed that she was owed money?


The other question - why was I charged late fees, and interested o. A balance outstanding and her credit wasn't given the same privilege?