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Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum


By now you may have watched about 7 minutes of video introducing the moderators of the TELUS Neighbourhood. While we’re largely responsible for creating blog posts and articles, we’re also working behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly. With that said, it is our registered users who make this community what it is.  


Since launching the TELUS Neighbourhood in 2013, we have relied on the experience and knowledge of our customers, as well as their willingness to invest their time into answering each other’s questions. Over the past three years there have been a few individuals who have stood out to us through their dedication to the Neighbourhood. These individuals are our “Community Power Users”, and are responsible for over 5,600 replies to date.  


The Power Users rank is awarded to Neighbourhood users who have a passion for technology, and for helping others. They are not employed by TELUS, yet their product and service knowledge would make you think otherwise. They spend countless hours online answering your questions, assisting with articles and blog posts, and assisting our community managers to make the Neighbourhood the amazing community it has become.  


You may have seen our existing power users around:  @xl, @Nighthawk, @NFtoBC, & @WestCoasterBC. You can now also recognize them by the new Community Power User rank, and icon.  


Interested in becoming a CPU? Continue to share your knowledge and experience through the community forum posts, and reach out to one of our community managers if you have further questions.